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I'm looking for a FOSS web-based library management application.

I want to manage the few books we have at our company, and I'm looking for applications that provide a simple web interface to:

  1. Add new books.
  2. Search for books.
  3. (Not Required) Place holds on books.

My ideal would be something like Delicious Library, but web based and open source.

I've looked at Koha (which I could not install), Emilda, which seems to be a dead project (last emails are from 2006 and I could not install it) and VuFind which looks awesome but doesn't provide (or I could not find) an interface to add new records to the library.

Any suggestions?

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A while back I did an extensive search for such an application. The only two viable options I found were Koha and Evergreen. Hopefully one of them will meet your needs. Any other projects I found out there were either abandoned or didn't seem to meet my needs.

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I'm not sure if you found what you're looking for, but a quick google search showed Koha an Open Source "Integrated Library System". You didn't specify your server format, but I know that today's (read latest version) IIS will run PHP, but I don't know how well it's compatibility is, and Koha is a LAMP application. If you need an IIS/ASP app, then I would try Sourceforge (one of my all-time favorite sites - new user here, can only post 1 URL at the moment).

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There are plenty of library systems, but the web-based requirement... that makes it quite a bit trickier. Lots of different library management systems can handle import/export to HTML or database, which might handle requirements 1 and 2, and many can handle requirement 3. You could try GCStar, Tellico, or Alexandria; at the very least they meet your FOSS requirement.

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