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I recently bought an Onkyo TX-8050 network stereo receiver http://www.onkyo.ca/Products/model.php?m=TX-8050&class=Receiver and a UWF-1 wireless dongle http://www.onkyo.ca/Products/model.php?m=UWF-1&class=Accessory with the goal of being able to listen to internet radio stations as well as my CDs, LPs etc. I have followed the Onkyo setup instructions using the manual method to connect the receiver to my WiFi network. The connection is very inconsistent. After first setting up the unit I could connect and play the stations on vTuner, although with frequent stops for rebuffering. Later the display mostly says vTuner Internet Radio - No items, or Connection Failed. The TX-8050 sometime is visible in my Windows network page but never appears in my DHCP table.

I have replaced the UWF-1 with no better results. With a direct Ethernet connection to the router the TX-8050 works perfectly, so the issue is with the wireless networking. Other devices (laptops, TIVO, iPads) have no trouble connecting to the WiFi anywhere in the house, so the issue is not signal strength.

System details are: Linksys WRT-310N wireless router, updated to the latest firmware. WPA-PSK security. IP address reserved for the TX-8050 in my router DHCP setup.

I'm by no means a networking expert but can provide more details if anyone can tell me what information would be helpful in solving this.

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