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The search feature in recent-ish versions of MATE is great, like Windows 7. Execpt that pressing Enter doesn't execute the first search result, it starts a dedicated search application. This is stupid and negates the main advantage of the feature in the first place - quick access to common things.

Anyone know of a fix? It's hard to Google and I'm having no luck finding anything relevant.

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I'm assuming this is about the mintmenu. This drives me crazy as well. I created a fork of mintmenu on github that hacks in this behavior.

A few caveats: I've only tested this on Mint 17. The "install" script will overwrite the mintmenu files which have been installed by your package manager.

Installation instructions:

cd somewhere/src
git clone
cd mintmenu
git checkout blc_enter

Now log out and log back into MATE.

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