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I managed to move all of the items from my inbox into one of the folder's within one of my 3 PST files. I know the emails were not deleted because searching my mail folders will display them, but I have no idea what folder they are in so I can move them back to my inbox.

Any ideas?

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Call it a hack, I don't know... But, after locating one of the emails via outlook search I decided to mark it as "Unread". By doing this, I was then able to look through the folders in my PST and found where a new message appeared and was able to recover all messages...

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You can also use the flagging feature see "Add or remove a flag" – Adrian Nov 9 '09 at 0:11

try Kernel for Outlook

the evaluation version should suffice to view/search the content of PST files.

Evaluation version of the software displays preview of recovered emails and other items in list like structure but do not allows to save them.

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