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If I am logged into a linux machine via SSH in a mingw window in windows 7;

How do I transfer a file to my local machine?

I am imagining something like:

scp <filename> address_of_local_machine/mydirectory

However I don't know how to get the address_of_local_machine.

Can anyone help?

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There are at least two solutions to this:

  1. Get the address of your local machine. If It is part of the normal Internet (e.g. no weird things like NAT) then a simple [start], [run], cmd, ipconfig will show you your local IP. From the shell on the linux box type scp <filename> address_of_local_machine:/mydirectory
  2. Do it the other way around. On your windows box use [start], [run], cmd, scp my_directory/filename name_of_linux_box:

The last requires you to have a scp program on windows. PuTTY is the most used program for that. (Example C:\Program Files (x86)\PuTTY\pscp.exe d:\myfile linuxbox:)

MingGW also comes with a scp client, but I do not know the default path for that. Hence the putty example.

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