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What regular expression should I use in order to remove exponential number terms and floating point numbers from a text file?

For example I have the following terms in my file:


I would like my file only includes the following lines:

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How about this example? regexr.com?36grk It can probably refined/optimised, since this one might be slightly crude, but it does work for the example you provided. :) –  destiel starship Sep 27 '13 at 18:41

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It looks to me like you want lines that begin with anything but a digit or the minus sign. This will get you that:

grep '^[^0-9,-]' file.txt
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Did you test this? It won't work. The regular expression will only match any first non-digit or non-minus sign. Also even if you add the + symbol to the end of that, it would still not match for Favori54 –  destiel starship Sep 27 '13 at 19:20
I did test it, with the lines listed in the OP, and it worked for me. grep prints any lines containing the pattern -- in this case, any line that has any non-digit-or-minus character as its first character. Since the tags specify linux, grep will be available. –  evilsoup Sep 27 '13 at 19:28
Thanks for your solution but it's not as general as I need. The following one actually get all the things that I don't need. egrep -x '\-''\+''[[:digit:]]+''\.''[[:digit:]]+''\e''[[:punct:]]''[[:digit:]]+' How can I just reverse this?\ –  Umit Karabiyik Sep 27 '13 at 19:34
Found the solution! I just needed to ad -v parameter. Here is most general version: egrep -vx '\-''\+''[[:digit:]]+''\.''[[:digit:]]+''\e''[[:punct:]]''[[:digit:]]+' –  Umit Karabiyik Sep 27 '13 at 19:54
You should write that up as an answer (you can accept your own answer after two days IIRC). –  evilsoup Sep 27 '13 at 20:00

Try this:

awk '{if($1+0!=$1) print $0}' filename.txt

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