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I had two screens connected, but now I disconnected one and took it away (it is not available any more). The problem is that I have DVB Viewer installed (DVBViewerTE from Technisat) and the last position of that window was in the other screen. Now I cannot move the window to the first screen - I cannot watch TV, I have only sound.

I tried everything, but the DVBViewerTE is some sort of freaked pre-XP custom made toolkit. No shortcuts work. No Alt-Space, no Win+keys, no Ctrl+Win+Keys, no Shift+Crtl+Win+Keys. Registry don't contain any "last window location" settings, nor the Program files folder has any config file with these.

The only solution is to reinstall, but I would like to know if it is indeed everything I could try.

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Does the program show up in the taskbar when the application is running? If so, try right-clicking and selecting 'move', and then use the cursor keys to move it left or right onto the current monitor. If it's a weird custom window this may not work, but I've fixed this type of problem this way before.

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Unfortunately, this doesn't work. Right click on the taskbar offers the usual (Launch, Pin, Close), right clicking the live preview just closes the preview, no contextual menu is shown. – Jakub Zaverka Sep 28 '13 at 19:14

You could use a GUI scripting tool to find the window, get a handle on it, and then move it to location x=0, y=0. This would place it in the top left corner of your desktop.

I use xdotool (‎) in Linux to do some fun automation things all the time.

For Windows, check out autoit (

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A technique that often works is this:

  • Right-click in the taskbar and choose "Show Desktop"
  • Right-click on the problem program task and choose "Restore"
  • Right-click on the some other program's task and choose "Restore"
  • Right-click in the taskbar and choose "Cascade Windows"

This normally causes the window parameters to fit onto the current screen.

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