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I've having this recurring problem the man described in this thread:

Windows 8 - can't drag files from Explorer and drop on applications

To summarize, it's about the impossibility to drag-and-drop files onto applications. I mean txt files to notepad, music files to foobar, video files to VLC, image files to IrFanView and, particularly critical, attachment files to Thunderbird's compose message window.

I know this is about administrator privileges. I'm running Windows 8, with the administrator account. I also use AutoHotKey, which is my main application installed here. Just can't begin to think living without it. It's AutoHotKey what launches the other programs through hotkeys, including foobar, vlc, IrFanView and Mozilla Thunderbird. Lowering UAC level is no use; the only thing that does work is disabling UAC in the registry, but this also disables the metro apps, which is unacceptable.

Other fancy thing is that my ahk scripts, which are set to launch with Windows, do not really load automatically. I have to manually click the shortcuts I've created for them on either the desktop or the start screen. To have them load at the startup, I've put a shortcut to them on the C:\Users\Me\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder, something that used to work on Windows 7. In here, they'll load automatically on startup only if UAC is disabled in the registry.

This is a dead end, guys! Please light my way! :)

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