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I am very very new to windows 8. Let me tell you what I want to do, what I have tried and what is the problem I am facing.

I have two laptops and one of them has ubuntu 12.04 installed and is 32bit system. Another has windows 8 installed and is the main laptop on which I am working and using internet through modem.

Now, I am creating application which needs two laptop, I am creating application of video chatting. I have broadband modem for internet access. Dlink wireless Router to create wireless network. I want to connect two PC so that laptop 1 can access the application running on laptop 2. For e.g. laptop 1 (application running) ==> ip( -> can ping laptop 2 ==> ip( -> can access

Now I have configured router in windows PC and followed the instruction they have given in manual. I have done following through in windows 8 PC : -> create SSID -> give security key

I can see the WiFi network is created and can see in list of wifi networks list. But when I try to connect to that network with valid security key, it goes to verify and connect and stopped with message couldn't connect to this network.

I am not sure if I am making any mistake in configuration. Can anybody explain how to configure wireless router in windows 8. My WCN feature is not working, which is mainly used to automatic configure wireless router.

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