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I have Foxit Reader on a Windows Vista Premium.

I have read this question (How to open two independent instances of Foxit Reader). I have set Foxit to 'allow multiple instances'. (Edit -> Preferences -> Documents -> Allow multiple instances) However, I am not able to see the two files side-by-side. They open in two tabs (one in each tab). In addition to the 'allow multiple instances' setting, what do I need to do to view the two files side by side so that I don't have to keep clicking on the tabs.

Thank you

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When you activate the "Allow multiple instances"-option, you should be able to open an other instance of the Foxit-programm. So you can open the other file in that instance. That's the only way to see two files side by side.

  1. Click Edit -> Preferences -> Documents -> Allow multiple instances
  2. Open the first PDF in Foxit
  3. Open the second PDF in another instance of Foxit
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thanks for your prompt response. I appreciate it. It is silly of me to expect the two files side-by-side in the same window. Althought it clearly says 'multiple INSTANCES', it did not sink in that it means I have to fire up another Foxit instance. I kept (re)opening the file from the same Foxit instance. I am unable to give upmark your answer because I get a message that I need a minimum 15 reputation. Sorry about this. – user82171 Sep 29 '13 at 0:34
You are welcome. :) You can accept my answer by clicking on the tick(√) under the arrows. – Christian Woerz Sep 29 '13 at 0:46
Thanks. I have accepted your answer. :) – user82171 Sep 29 '13 at 0:53

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