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C:\Users\Shailesh\My Documents>dir
 Volume in drive C is XXXXXXXX     \\never seen these two lines before
 Volume Serial Number is XXXX-XXXX

 Directory of C:\Users\Shailesh\My Documents

File Not Found

dir command is working when I use it on C:\Users\Shailesh

I recently cloned my data to a new internal ssd.

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You are in the "dummy" Special-folder My Documents of Windows 7 (which is empty).

Try doing dir ..\Documents and you will see your documents.
(or cd ..\Documents followed by a dir).

Windows 7 changed the My Documents to Documents. In the explorer it is still named My Documents but that is only a 'display-name'. It is language dependent. In a dutch version it is Mijn Documenten but (on the harddrive) it still points to Documents.

For older programs who still expects a My Documents this directory is created and under Windows it is redirected to Documents. However you are in a command prompt which does not do this redirection.

I don't know how you got into this directory in the prompt but you should have done a cd Documents instead of a cd My Documents.

You can read here what other directies are changed. See also here for information about "Special folders".

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The command is working fine – "File Not Found" is normal when dir does not have anything to show.

This happens when directory has either the "Hidden" or "System" attribute (causing dir to skip displaying the . and .. items), and is either empty or all files/subdirectories have such an attribute as well (causing those files/subdirectories to be skipped as well).

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Try attrib -s -h *.* before calling dir , or try dir /a.

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