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I am trying to bridge vmware workstation's VM NIC to tap interface on host that includes 802.1q/tagged (vlan) traffic. Somehow vmware bridging strips 802.1q header and all traffic gets to VM untagged. When running tcpdump on tap interface on host I see 802.1q headers, but when running tcpdump on VM's NIC inside vmware I don't. If I create two VMs inside vmware workstation, both bridged to same host NIC/tap interface - tagged(vlan) traffic is working between them, but not with outside world (host). I am running vmware workstation 9.0.2 build-1031769 on linux, kernel 3.10.11. Is this normal behaviors for vmware workstation? Is there any other workaround to get 802.1q traffic in VMs?

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Found three workarounds

  1. Patching vmnet modules (not working always) - see
  2. Use GRE tunnel with 'gretap' - see / in guest VM you might have problems combing VLANs
  3. Use openvswitch on host and guest VM and crate GRE tunnel between both openvswitches (best option so far if you can run openvswitch in guest VM)
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