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I created a PHP program for some purpose and it is working on a server I bought from Godaddy. From that program I can send emails, insert, update, delete information and do whatever I want.

Now the thing is, my company wanted to host this site on a server that is inside our office. We have a separate public IP address. They ask me to provision a Linux server to run this program

I don't know what to do now.

These are the things i need to do in my program.

  • send emails to Yahoo, Gmail email addresses.
  • use MySQL database
  • connect to Active Directory. (i need to use LDAP)
  • use sessions, cookies

I wrote the program using Codeigniter. So my server should support codeigniter.

Can some one tell me what should I do?


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So your title is misleading and you are not asking just how to send email, but how to setup the complete server? Hire a consultant. – Juliane Holzt Sep 30 '13 at 21:06