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In windows 7, the shutdown button shows the shield when it must execute an automatic udpate.

How can I list the automatic updates that the system will execute?

I need to know what are the update packages that will be executed before having them installed.

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Open the Windows Update UI and look at the list of pending updates.

For more info on accessing the Windows Update UI see: Install Windows updates in Windows 7

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In the windows update UI there isn't a "pending changes" option. On the left I see: "check for updates" "change settings" "view update history" "restore hidden updates" "Updates: frequently asked questions". Then on the right I see "Updates are available for your computer" where I can select or de-select the updates I want to install choosing from the important or optional updates. The last time the shield appeared on the shutdown button, both lists where empty. – sergiom Oct 1 '13 at 5:23

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