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A few years now, I've been using my MacBook (late 2008) with a secondary display (Samsung TV screen). Since a few weeks it's not working correctly.

When I connect the screen, the desktop is extended, but the horizontal position of what's shown on the screen is wrong. There is a big fat black border on the left, about 200px wide, I reckon. Interestingly, the horizontal positioning of the screen has not changed (changing it doesn't help, it doesn't go far enough).

When I change the resolution of the VGA display to anything but 1920x1080, it does use the full screen. Also, Windows on Bootcamp works fine at 1920x1080.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try, short of reinstalling Mac OS X? Are display settings stored somewhere and can I delete them (I've tried deleting com.apple.windowserver.plist without any luck)?

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