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When selecting a bunch of files in Explorer, either by dragging or shift-selecting, if you copy that selection and go to paste it somewhere the Windows decides it'll copy the last file in the selection first, then copy the rest in order.

Seems a bit weird, and usually its fine (because, when the copy is finished, who cares?). The problem is if the copy is large, and you want to get as many done before cancelling (either due to time or storage constraints).

Say, you're copying a tv show series to your mp3 player. At time of cancellation you'll have a bunch of eps (not all), then a random final episode.

I'm pretty sure this happens with most Windows OS's but I've only have 7 to test on.
And I think it's the selecting that's the issue (not Explorer's copy, so using TeraCopy wouldn't help. I'm using MTP anyway, so TeraCopy won't work) because I have a work around (I'll post it as an answer if a real solution isn't found).

I'm just wondering if there's some setting (standard/advanced or tweak) I can affect to make it always copy in order.


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after selecting your files. right click on the first file, (or whichever file you want to go first) to copy it first. (you might have to scroll back to the top.)

whichever file you right click on will always go first to copy, cut, (it's also very useful to) play videos, music etc.

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upvote for more insight – Hashbrown Mar 22 '14 at 12:51
"more insight"? the first strait answer (not a work around), is more like it. – 743 Mar 23 '14 at 6:03
nah it's the exact same work around as the other two; make the file you want the last selected file (which the extra insight by your answer is that right clicking can achieve this too). A straight-up answer would actually address the crux of the question some setting I can affect to make it always copy in order, id est, without these manual behaviours on the user's part – Hashbrown Apr 7 at 2:28

The only solution I have ever found is to select the last item first and go backward to the first item.

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The best workaround I have is;

  • Make the selection any way you want. (drag, ctrl+click, shift-select)
  • Hold ctrl and deselect then reselect the file you want to be copied first

That's it. You can still select any way you want, and it isn't too hard to get the file you want (I guess this is even more useful as you may want a specific file across first).
But yeah, a fix to not have to do this every time would be appreciated.

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