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I have occasion to move a Win8 laptop between six independent wifi networks (public libraries). The laptop is configured to use automatic DNS resolution. In all but one of those networks the laptop's connectivity works fine. But in one particular network the connectivity of this laptop (but not others in the vicinity) starts failing due (mostly) to DNS issues. When I explicitly set the DNS (using OpenDNS values) the connection works well... but only briefly. If I disable the wifi adapter and re-enable it the connection will again work well, but only very briefly. I used inSSIDer (reporting a relatively weak 20 to 25 link score) as well as the system tray's signal strength meter to watch the wifi signal: while the system tray shows the wifi signal actually dropping occasionally, the DNS seems to drop much more frequently.

I am hoping to gain some insight over why this might be occurring to see if there is any way I can improve my connection's reliability.

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