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Ubuntu 13.04 64bit

So this all started when I was installing laptop-mode-tool, in the middle of which Ubuntu crashed (I don't remember whether it crashed to the command line or simply crashed). Then I tried to boot it, it kept getting stuck at the loading screen. After a few tries, I CTRL-ALT-F7'd, then I saw a mouse pointer on a blank screen. Then I ALT-PRNTSCRN-K'd and then I got my desktop, although my wallpaper wasn't there and I noticed the network icon in the system tray showed 'disconnected' even though I was plugged in. I got a few error messages about apt-get-repository and cinnamon.

So here's what's happening now:

  1. sudo isn't working. If I type any command with sudo, I just get a cursor on the next line which hands indefinitely

  2. My internet isn't working, seems as if my network card hasn't been detected. ifconfig does the same thing as sudo too, i.e. hangs indefinitely.

Here's the output of strace sudo


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