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Is there a way to create boot entry in windows 2000 boot menu to boot from floppy disk? Problem is that, that bios is protected with password and i cannot change boot order entries. I cannot open "PC" case, because it is cash register and protected with seal. I need to reprogram cash register keyboard.

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...not to mention that w2k is a 14-year old OS that reached EOL nearly 4 years ago. – EEAA Oct 1 '13 at 11:24
Question is related to windows 2000. Inside cash register is normal computer parts (standard motherboard, ram, cpu etc.). And with standard windows 2000 setup. Just case is sealed and i cannot reset bios with jumper. – Guntis Oct 1 '13 at 11:39
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Not the most elegant solution, but the plop boot manager should let you do this. I've tested this extensively in a VM, and have had no issues, but considering the age of anything with win2k, I'd probably proceed with caution.

You will need the Plop boot manager - I used 5.0.14 and an unzipping tool to extract the archive - I used 7zip

Unzip, run "InstallToBootLoader" (you can also use install to mbr but thats messier) script, and agree.

Reboot, and select plop boot manager entry.

enter image description here

Gaze at the trippy boot screen then select floppy - I'm using a win2000 boot floppy, but you obviously have something else in mind. Do what you need to do.

enter image description here

Once you're done, remove the entry for plop from boot.ini - this should be in the root of c:, using notepad, and delete the plop folder, if you want to remove plop. Otherwise, leave it alone for the next time you need to boot a cd, usb or floppy

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