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I have an HP Mini 210-1170NR netbook, which has been working fine for the most part for about 2-3 years. today I returned to find it powered off instead of sleeping, and when turned on it says that the battery has a very low capacity. the unit declares either 3% or 0% battery available when it's on, but in either case the unit immediately powers off whenever the power cable is disconnected. this would be a disappointingly short batter life in such a new computer, so i figure I'd ask if there might be other problems with it. is there a way to improve it or do I have to spend a lot to buy a whole new battery?

Additional info: the power LED is on, but is white; Windows 7 now reports the batter as "3%, not charging"

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Actually 3 years is probably a decent life for a battery. Most Li-Ion batteries have between 300 and 600 charge/discharge cycles, and loose 20% capacity PER YEAR regardless of use anyway. – davidgo Oct 2 '13 at 0:15
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I believe the battery is finished, and should be replaced.

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