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I have this really strange recurring problem with my Dell XPS laptop. It started with me sending it into repairs to replace the chipset, so I wonder if it has anything to do with that.

My computer functions fine, it does not overclock or overheat at all according to the diagnostic tools I have checked, and is otherwise an extremely functional machine, aside from the fact that it crashes (no BSOD, no automatic restart, just sudden shut down with no warning, losing me all unsaved work) exactly every 2 hours. And when I say exactly 2 hours, I mean pretty much to the minute.

Any process explorers I used inform me that there were no noticeable spikes around the time of the shut down (or should I say crash) and I have rigorously tested the battery pack and power cable to ensure this is not a power issue (which would make little sense anyway, with the crashes happening at precise 2 hour intervals). It could be running one chrome window, a video and a chrome window, or zero significant system processes at the two hour mark, the crash comes all the same.

I did a little research and apparently this is a common complaint for Windows 7 RC systems in 2010 that have not been properly activated, hence Windows activating the bi-hourly shutoff. Funny thing is I have windows 7 Home Premium, an activated and completely legal version, which has been functioning well for 3 years until this time.

It really is getting sort of maddening, and my laptop repair place just basically told me they have no idea what's going on, so I'm desperate, and as far as the internet tells me, this is an obscure Windows activation problem that hasn't been a serious issue for people since 2011. Any ideas?

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A bit hard to read with a block of text.. but my current question would be: Is your windows still marked as "activated" ? Maybe somehow it loses the activation process (due to hardware changes.. since you mentioned Chipset replacement). Check your windows activation by right clicking on "My Computer" and choose Properties. It will tell you if Windows is activated or not. If not yet activated (due to whatever), try to activate online. If doesn't work, call up Microsoft and tell them you need to re-activate windows after hardware changes, and they will help you over the phone. – Darius Oct 2 '13 at 3:30
Have you checked the Event Log? – Moses Oct 2 '13 at 15:45

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