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I have a Windows 7 dual monitor setup. I want to trigger and event when I turn off one of the displays. More specifically, when I switch to projector only and the projector is powered off, I want to detect this and re-enable the primary monitor.

I have a scripting tool that can handle re-enabling part, bu I currently have no way of detecting when the projector is turned off

Any suggestions? Is this even possible?

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In Samsung notebook I have a program Easy Display Manager and it allows to handle such situations (after recognizing changes, e.g. plugging additional monitor, "EDM mini UI" is shown). I don't know if it will help in your situation, but you can try. I belive it's free and can be download. – psur Oct 3 '13 at 20:00

This sounds over-complicated. Why use a script? If you set the projector as a second monitor (like you might with a TV) and make it primary, Windows will handle switching back to the regular monitor when the projector is turned off.

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