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Ok... Where do I start here. I have installed OpenBSD to be used as a dedicated firewall. After install I ran into several kernel traps that had me scratching my head. I finally disabled acpi on boot.

This is where the fun began.

I installed it as normal and setup a non-root user. I disabled ssh as root like a good boy. Then I booted the system and IMMEDIATELY upon boot my wireless keyboard would no longer function. Fine I thought, and I used my desktop to ssh into the box using my non-root user.

Wrong, the non-root user cannot su to root as it is not added to the wheel group.

So, not having a ps2 keyboard to plug into this thing, I reinstall... again. This time I do not yet setup a non-root user and then let the system boot. Yet I still cannot ssh into the system as root to solve my problem.

I need either my keyboard to work or I need SOME way into this machine as root remotely. Any ideas guys? thanks in advance. I'm going crazy here.

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