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I have a question regarding 3D movies. I was told that 3D movies require at least 120hz display device. Obviously, my computer monitor's max. hz is 60. My Samsung 55'' TV supports 120hz. Can I hook up a desktop to 120hz TV and watch 3D movies on it?

I can't test it because I need to buy glass for 3D, so..I want to make sure.

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have a look at nVidia's 3D vision kit.

read the specifications for the graphics card requirements (for 3D movies, any Geforce 8, 9, 100/200 series will do). ATI has not yet released any equivalent.

contact nvidia tech support and ask whether your TV is supported, the list may not be upt to date.

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Red/Blue 3D should work on any monitor, you only need high speed TVs for LCD shutter glasses.

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