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I just set up a Mac to accept SSH connections. It need both a login and user name like this:

ssh admin@ -l "My login name"

This works fine, but I can't figure out how to do this using sftp. There doesn't seem to be a -login option to the sftp command. Has anyone ever done this?

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It's somewhat confusing that they use both terms, but login and user name are the same thing. Your ssh call only needs one or the other. I don't use Macs, so I don't know if spaces are allowed in Mac usernames, but you might try ssh "My login name"@ to verify that you can still log in. Similarly, for sftp, use sftp "My login name"@

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Yep, worked as you noted, with quotes around the login name. – you786 Oct 3 '13 at 0:33

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