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We have a HP4250 network printer on a Windows 7 Pro computer, that each day prints the first two or three print jobs quickly. Afterwards, it slows all printing to a crawl. Have set the resolution to DRAFT, reinstalled printer drivers, all updates are current, paper guides are set correctly, checked pickup rollers, installed a brand new tray 2, checked the spool settings and even tried to print directly from a USB cable. Nothing seems to resolve this issue. Anyone have any suggestions?

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If you turn off the printer and after a minute turn it back on, is it still slow? If not, it could be a setting. If it is slow it's something internal (overheating?) where it needs to rest for hours before printing fast again. – Rik Oct 2 '13 at 17:18

Update your printer driver or go to a different one (PCL5, PCL6, Postscript.) According to HP, printing may be slow if you access Preferences or printer Properties, but an updated driver will take care of this.

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