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I built an FTP server in my house, so I simply want to backup my new files from the office to my home FTP server that is always online.

These files are scheduled to compress the difference between a "mirror folder". So it is copied, compressed and named according to the date "Backup-2013-10-02.7z", for example.

I just want to upload this file via FTP to my server, but I got a little problem in my office: a Firewall.... The FTP server in my house is running via CesarFTP 0.99 and works fine in LAN. Got a NO-IP address to fix the dynamic ip issue. The server runs in port 2048, that is an unlocked port in my office's firewall.

Via LAN in my house i'm able to upload files via CoreFTP, FileZilla and ftp.exe from windows, via these commands in a .bat file.

open servername.no-ip.org 2048 
#quote pasv #without this, it won't even connect
#cd "Upload" 
#lcd "C:\FTP\Upload" 
#mput *.7z 

But in my office, these commands are not working. The login session is established and the transmission of the file begins, but without data transit (0 KB/s). Filezilla and CoreFTP works fine in the office and the upload works fine over port 2048, showing that it is really unlocked.

As you know, Filezilla is only a GUI program, so as you already think, I just want to know how to write the command line to upload my files as it in the GUI interface.

Here is the basics informations to create the code

Address: ftp://servername.no-ip.org:2048 
User: test 
Password: 1234 
Files in the office: "C:\FTP\Upload\*.7z" (or the individual name) 
Files in my house (via FTP folder): "\Upload\". 
No need for .log file. 

I don't know much about passive or active mode, but I know that FileZilla and CoreFTP works in passive mode as "normal" setting. Just want a way to write a .bat file to upload. It can be a program that supports this feature (Filezilla and CoreFTP actually doesn't have command line)

Assuming that it works in the GUI form, I think that it's possible to make that work via command line, so I can run this .bat file in a task manager where there is a lot of other tasks that already are working fine.

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