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Both the Lenovo LT3053p and the Dell u3014 monitors are based on the same LG AH-IPS panel. The Dell monitor has significant overshoot problems in some circumstances due to RTC overdrive. My question is whether the Lenovo has the same issue.

If you have access to an LT3053p to test on, I've found a good way to detect this problem is with the color temperature filter F.Lux. Turn that on, then go to a page with black on a white background. Due to flux it'll be more of a slightly reddish off-white background. I've found shows the effect well on the u3014. Then scroll the page. If there is an overshoot problem, you should notice what appears to be a green afterimage shadowing the black portions as you scroll.

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From the PRAD review, it appears that overdrive is indeed a problem with the LT3053p. The review is still behind a paywall, but this summary mentions the overshoot problem.

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