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I've just bought a Lenovo ThinkPad and it came preinstalled with Windows 7 but had Windows 8 Pro license. I just used the Operating System Recovery Disk Windows 8 Pro DVD to install/recover OEM Windows 8 Pro and it worked albeit a long process with many restarts and some bloatware along the way.

On my desktop I'm already using Windows 8.1 and I kindda got used to added features that Windows 8 lacks (login to desktop, quasi Windows menu etc.). I would like to do the same on this laptop as well.


If I install Windows 8.1 on my ThinkPad while subsequently repartition my disks including my mSATA SSD cache that this machine uses. I can download ExpressCache later from Lenovo's site to enable SSD caching on Windows 8.1.

The question is whether I'll be able to restore back to OEM Windows 8 using DVD media if something goes rotten with Windows 8.1 and won't work as exected? Will those DVDs to restore OEM OS work after repartitioning my disks?

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You will only be able to do this if you save your own copy of the recovery partition. If you repartition the disk then the recovery partition is lost. Create a backup image of your hdd before the update, but if you are really THAT worried about it, wait until Windows 8.1 appears on the Windows Store. The current process is more complicated then it should be. –  Ramhound Oct 3 '13 at 11:10

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