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I usually plug the charger to my laptop, whiles my battery is plugged in. After a while, when my battery became fully charged I remove it from laptop, while the laptop is still working.

Now I want know is it harmful to my battery that I remove it while the laptop is working?

My laptop is Dell Inspiron 5520

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Depends on the situation and on the model you use, but in general:

  • If you're Laptop is still plugged-in: No harm (in most cases - depends on the model)
  • If you're running on battery, don't do it. Correct shutdown always to recommend

(Remark Battery Lifecycle): Do not fully charge them to store, best for LIPO batteries is to keep them at about 80% for storage. So remove them before fully charged. Another thing: do not discharge completely - stay in the 40% to 80% and your battery will have a long life.

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