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I am using Win 7 RTM, with Acronis Disk Director suit. Is there a way to partition my 4gb pendrive.

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By default, Windows won't let you create multiple partitions on a removable drive, which is how a USB flash drive shows up.

For a solution, check out this article :
Make Windows see any USB flash drive as local disk.
(This article insists a bit too much upon using its own tools. For example, notepad++ is a good tool, but notepad will do as well.)

After going through the above procedure, the USB flash drive should be detected as a local disk, rather than removable, allowing you to partition it from within Windows by using Disk Management.

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good tip, but a security note: this installs a filter driver for your USB pendrive. does include code, so it might be reasonable, but until audited it should be considered risky. and a convenience note: you'd need to do this procedure for each drive you want to partition. – quack quixote Nov 4 '09 at 8:05

Check out this discussion:

I think this should be moved to superuser, imo.

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