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I wonder if there is (and where to find it) a tool for Windows 7 similar to the one built-in in Mac OS X, that detects your keyboard layout by pressing a couple of keys in your keyboard.

The automatic keyboard layout detection tool is launched while in the process of installing the Mac OS X system, when the installer detects a keyboard other than the one built-in in the hardware, for what matters.

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While not directly detected using your keyboard, it seems that Windows can make an assumption based on location, and can also pass that information to a remote desktop if using RDP.

Additionally, during setup (at least for Win7 and up, not sure about Vista), you are asked to specify your keyboard format.

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Yes, I saw the options to enter the keyboard format, but wasn't sure about what to select, and there wasn't a text box where to try some keys to see if the selection was right. – rraallvv Oct 3 '13 at 22:22

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