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How can I connect my Galaxy S III to my Mac? I am unable to transfer photos from my phone to my Mac.


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Go to Settings > More settings > USB utilities and click on "Connect storage to PC". This will turn your phone into a portable hard-drive that should work with any Windows, Mac or Linux PC. On Mac the phone will appear on your desktop after you follow the on-screen instructions.

I've tested this on a first generation Galaxy Note, but I'm fairly confident the instructions are valid for a Galaxy S3 too.


You could try Kies Air. It's available from the Android Market (for free) and will allow you to send/receive files via a browser interface.


The probably easiest way to sync any media-files(music, videos, photos and more) is to use DoubleTwist. The app is free if you use USB to sync. If you use Wi-Fi you have to buy "Airsync by DoubleTwist".

DoubleTwist is also known as "iTunes for Android". As it is free, you should give it a try.