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So here's what I need to figure out. We have problems with getting enough internet bandwidth at our site due to the large number of users and limited ISP options. Our current setup is as follows:

Site A is the main office. At this location we have one wireless ISP going into our SonicWall TZ105 which is our main router. Site B is in a nearby town, which is already linked to Site A via a wireless bridge. We have one DSL conection here already which we transmit to the SonicWall where it is load balanced with the other ISP.

To complicate things we are adding two DSL connections at Site B to increase our bandwidth. We will need at least one if not two more load balancing routers. (Looking at TPLINK TL-R470T or if we need 2 then a Peplink Balance 20) Ideally, it would be best have one load balancing router at Site A (office), but it may not be possible. Herein lies my qustions.

What is the best way to go about this? I'm not sure if I can carry the packets from the modems at Site B to Site A as I will be going through a switch/hub and a network bridge before it gets to the router. If I got a static IP service for each modem would that solve the problem?

Or if I have a load balancing router at Site B and another one at Site A to balance the connections from site B and wireless ISP than I would in effect be balancing it twice, which may not work well? Or would the load balancing router at Site B be quick enough so that Site A wouldn't notice it switching? Or would getting 3 routers at Site B all on different subnets and configuring the LB router at Site A appropriately work?

End of epistle, any ideas much appreciated.

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