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Here is a related question: Javascript issue & IE10 in Win8

I came to the same issue as him that my Skype isn't working (plus all my Metro apps too). This is very clear to me that IE is somehow broken in some way because the so-called "apps" are just webpages. When I search for Internet Explorer, it says no result.

enter image description here

I looked into the IE program folder and I run the iexplorer.exe. One weird is that I found out no JavaScript is being executed. My security settings are set correctly, and when I go to F12 this happens: enter image description here

The Scripts is disabled. This is so weird.

Furthermore, I even tried to execute JavaScript manually as you can see in the console, but there is no alert popup showing up.

I believe that IE10 files might be corrupted, but IE10 is preinstalled when I bought the computer and it was working perfectly months before (to download Chrome :P).

Any idea on how to fix this and why did that happened?

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