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I want to be able to double click on a Python script (or SH script) inside Nautilus and then it run. So I made a custom desktop file, contents:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=run-txtexe %f
Comment=Runs executable text files

I put this in a file named run-txtexe.desktop under ~/.local/share/applications.

I go to Nautilus, right-click on a Python script (text/x-python) and mouse over the "Open With " menu. Not there. I click on "Other Application...". Not there. I then click "Show other applications". Not there either!

Is this a bug or am I just doing something wrong?

I am running:

Fedora 19
Nautilus 3.8.2
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This is a new... 'feature' of Nautilus 3.8, it ignores .desktop files that have NoDisplay=true

Possible workaround: replace NoDisplay=true with NotShowIn=NAME-OF-YOUR-DESKTOP-ENVIRONMENT

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Well that stinks. Thanks for the workaround. – DanielTA Oct 11 '13 at 18:25

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