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I want to connect my printer to my local network ( but there's no cable running to its location.

So as a solution I want to put a router next to it, connect that router to the local network via wifi and then connect the printer to said local network via that router.

So I don't want to create a new wireless access point or a wireless range extender.

So the router should act as a bridge / switch.

I've been able to connect the router to the wifi network, but I can't get it to act as a bridge the way I want it to. Right now the router is its own subnet ( So connected devices can access the local network, but not the other way around because of the entire NAT thing.

I've connected the printer to it, and with some port forwarding I'm able to access it, but it's not really working the way it should.

So does anyone know how to truly turn it into a wireless bridge?

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