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How do I use a Windows font in a LaTeX document? Is it even possible? If yes, how?

I am on Windows XP and using the MikTeX system for LaTeX. My LaTeX editor is LEd. I fell in love with the free Fontin font. I have installed it into my Windows fonts and can use it with Word and other Windows apps. Now I would like to use it in my LaTeX documents.

Note: I know how to use the pre-installed fonts inside MikTeX with LaTeX documents. This query is specifically about using fonts in Windows (outside of MikTeX) with LaTeX.

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You can use XeLaTeX which can use any installed OpenType font just fine, even with advanced typographic features, if supported by the font.

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There's no "drag-and-drop" way of making that work. I used to do this on a regular basis some 10 years ago when I was still at uni and could choose my document writing environment as I pleased. Those were good days...

Some links to get you started:

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