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I am trying to setup the network for a small business using a network configuration I am new to. The business has one public IP(135.x.x.x) and wants to use separate machines for it's website ( on and sharepoint site ( on The DC is on

I have added DNS Host A records for the sites pointing to the private IP address of the hosting machine. From inside the LAN, all users can access the web and sharepoint sites. But from an external PC, the websites return a 401 error.

Not sure whether my problem is topology, DNS, firewalls, or if the concept is simply not possible with only one public IP.

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The business has one public IP(135.x.x.x) and wants to use separate machines for it's website

You either need to: get a second IP, make one of the servers listen on an alternate port (with appropriate port forwards). or you need to set up a reverse proxy to actually receive the port 80 associated with your public IP, and then forward them to the correct internal host based on the HTTP Host: header.

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