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I have an appref-ms program. It first checks for updates and then installs a program. Then executes the new version.

Using the admin account I have no problems, but when I use a normal profile a have some restrictions.

I found the executable. Creating a shortcut with "runas" executes it, but when the appref installs a new version, the new executable is in a new and randomly named folder, leaving me with the runas shortcut unusable.

The new folder with the new executable is inside the same folder that have subfolders with the previous versions. I was thinking if I can set that general folder to open all the executables inside it and all the subfolders, I could use some kind of "runas" to give all of them admin permissions.

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That kind of application is called a ClickOnce. I might add that it is a terrible application for normal and guest users (due to cryptography reasons, among other things). The best solution would always to run inside an admin account, but this is my opinion. – Doktoro Reichard Oct 4 '13 at 20:55

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