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I need to fill in a form by generating text in Word 2010 at the right positions and feeding the pre-printed form through an HP LasetJet 8100N printer via the manual tray. The special sized form will not feed through any other tray (too large).

Since the paper usually in that printer (automatic trays) is sideways (long edge of 8.5x11 paper enters first), the typical Word file sent to the printer is portrait and properly printed "sideways".

The special paper must enter short edge first (90 degrees rotates from automatic trays paper feed) via the Manual tray. I pointed Word to use the Manual tray, but it still prints its text what is now sideways on the paper fed in. I could find no way to tell Word or the printer to rotate the entire print image of the page.

I tried setting it Word page setup to Landscape. That did not turn the words to follow the portrait rotation of the paper. The words were still "sideways" when the page printed.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Is this problem specific to Word? As a test, can you generate a PDF of the document and try printing that? – user3463 Oct 4 '13 at 20:36
What if you make the paper size in Word larger (perhaps 11 x (something > 11 ) ) but confine your text etc. to the area that will actually pass through the printer? – bibadia Oct 5 '13 at 8:09

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