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So here's the situation: My Lenovo U310's LED backlight suddenly stopped working. Atleast I hope this is the issue and nothing is wrong with the mainboard (it works fine with an external monitor... phew)

Before ordering a replacement screen, in order to make sure the display is the issue, I decided to plug a LCD panel from an acer lappy to my lenovo.

so I managed to get the tech specs of both the LCD panels and they are surprisingly similar (down to the same manufacturer). here they are:

Lenovo panel : http://www.panelook.com/B133XTN01.0_AUO_13.3_LCM_parameter_15346.html

Acer panel : http://www.panelook.com/B140XW01%20V0_AUO_14.0_LCM_parameter_468.html

Except for one thing. The "pin configuration" has a slight difference and the acer's panel (since its 14" and the lenovo 13") uses a bit more power. I'm more worried about the pin configuration detail.

What is this pin configuration thingy? isn't LVDS a standard?

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