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If we can just press a key (such as CTRL-PrtScr) on Windows 7 or Vista and be able to save a screen001.png to the hard drive like a Mac does, that would be convenient.

Sometimes we just want a screen capture to remember the details on screen, or if there is a "confirmation number" on screen and we want to take a snapshot. 9 out of 10 times, we won't need this number again, but just in case.

The current method is to either press PrtScr or use Snipping tool, and both require several steps and choose a file name to save to, and it is not so convenient.

I think some 3rd party software can do that, but is there a very reliable one? Or is there a way to make the existing program meet this requirement? One time I installed a 3rd party screen capture tool and since then the hard drive always look for files for 5 minutes when I start up Vista... something not happening before I installed the capture tool.

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I'm using Cropper, but it lacks in some features you might desire (delayed captures, for instance).

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