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I want Firefox to start in fullscreen mode and can't find any trigger that makes it do this. Any tricks?

I'm running Ubuntu Linux.

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Install the AutoHide add-on, this will allow you to use the "-fullscreen" parameter on the command-line.

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This solved my problem! Thanks :) – morphine Nov 4 '09 at 10:05

check Mouse runner's Firefox guide.

AutoHide is a very easy to use and learn extension that will allow you
to view Firefox in true Full Screen mode with or without toolbars including the Windows Taskbar.

You can also set AutoHide to start Firefox in Full Screen mode and
easily toggle between Full Screen and normal viewing by pressing F11.

LifeHacker article reference.

Additionally, the Full Fullscreen addon also claims it -- have not checked that.

supports full screen on browser start

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BTW OS X : CTRL + Mouse Down - Brings up contextural menu toggle option as F11 not valid

       ALSO - Not true fullscreen - check out "Plainview" browser for os x kiosk options
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