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I only have the Recovery Disk, that if used, brings back my laptop to its factory default, it just re-install Vista to the factory default.

When I bought this few years ago, Windows Vista is already installed inside (I think it's OEM, am I right?), and only a Recovery Disk was included in the packaging.

"Windows Vista Home Basic"

I had already tried different things (using my friends laptop), trial and error, but didn't come up to what Im expecting.

What I want is if in case something went wrong, I could still fix/repair my laptop, which means be able to use System Restore or use a saved System Image. Currently, the problem is if Windows was unable to boot, how can I be able to go to the System Restore PAGE?


1.) How can I make a 'System Image' of my current installation in Windows Vista Home Basic OEM?

2.) How can I save 'System Restore' files into an external hard drive separate from the one inside my laptop?

I want to learn these because I used to fix my whole family's laptop, although with different OSes.

Thanks, Jenn

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