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I am trying to display what goes on my computer both :

  • On my TV via an HDMI cable
  • On my computer screen via DVI

Both DVI and HDMI cable are plugged in my Graphic card (Nvidia GTX760), Both monitor are working (Resolution is fine, no sound issue etc.). However when switching configuration (with "windows + p") the option "duplicate" does not duplicate at all and the desktop is displayed only on my TV screen.

This is what happen with the different options :

  • Computer only : computer screen goes black (no input detected), Desktop diplayed on the TV
  • Duplicate : Same as above
  • Extend : Desktop is displayed on the computer monitor, the TV monitor becomes an extension, where I can drag programs in
  • Projector only : Desktop is displayed on computer monitor, TV is black

Is it possible to mirror what I'm doing on the computer to my TV screen using a DVI input for the PC monitor and an HDMI cable for the TV ?

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