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I've tried port forwarding to a wifi device that's connected through 2 routers:

Wifi Device ( -> Wireless Access Point (DD-WRT, -> Wire Connection to Router 1 (running Tomato firmware, -> Connected as a Wireless Client to Main Router (running DD-WRT,

I have already setup the static routing which routes requests targeted 192.168.0.x to router 1, and it's working since I'm able to access the WiFi device when I'm connected to the main router by going to, but when I tried setting up the port forwarding from external port "1234" to, I can't access the wifi device through WAN.

I have another router (Router 3, DD-WRT, connected to the main router as a wireless client, and have other wired network devices connected to that router, and port forwarding from the main router to these devices works fine.

The reason I had to jump through so many hoops is because the Wifi device I have only supports wireless G, and everything else in my house can run on wireless N, so I would like to keep the main connection to N-Only and use a spare router to broadcast a wireless G signal just for that wifi device.

Any help or suggestion on how I would debug this would be appreciated, thank you in advance!

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