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I'm just now getting into programming in Perl, and I've noticed that on the official Perl website there is an x86 and x64 version available for Windows. So I chose x64. But then I found a link on their site about Padre. So I went to the Padre site and it appears that their only version for Windows is 32 bit. So the questions I need to ask are: 1. Can I force a standalone install of Padre? 2. Is it possible to use the x64 version of Perl version with Padre? 3. Does it really matter whether whether I use the x86 or x64 versions (i.e. can I write x64 code with the x86 version, which one is better optimized, etc)?

Apologies for asking several questions, but they're all interlinked since I need to know what the possibilities are. And I really feel that there is no need to have 2 Perl versions installed, or to be forced to use an x86 version instead of x64 on an x64 machine.

Thanks for any help!

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