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Can I use caps lock for changing language in VIM intead of Ctrl-6 in case of keymap=russian-jcukenwin?

How can I do it?

Maybe smth like mapping in $VIMRC file? How can I map caps lock? Is it possible?

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You can't do it from within Vim because it doesn't "get" the Caps Lock key. But you can probably remap that key to some other key system-wide and use that key to create a mapping in Vim. But we don't even know what OS you use. – romainl Oct 7 '13 at 19:25
Duplicate question on…; please don't spam multiple sites with the identical question! – Ingo Karkat Oct 8 '13 at 8:10

The Caps Lock is a special key; it cannot be mapped in Vim itself. But if you use operating system-specific means / tools to remap that key to another (unused, e.g. <F13>, which rarely exists on a keyboard) one, you can use that key in an ordinary Vim mapping.

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