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Some sites put helpful text in JavaScript text boxes, but I find that Firefox refuses to copy these things to the system clipboard. Is this a feature of Firefox, or XUbuntu, or just a local problem?

For example, if I visit http://lmgtfy.com/ and type in a Google query, there is a JavaScript box with the buttons "copy", "shorten", and "preview". The text in the box is highlighted, but I cannot copy it to, say, an xterm.

  • Selecting the text box and typing ctrl ins does not seem to copy anything at all.
  • Selecting the text box and typing ctrl C does not seem to do anything, either.
  • Clicking in the text box and clicking Home, then ctrl A ctrl C followed by switching to a different Firefox window and pasting with shift ins works, but I still cannot reliably paste into an xterm
  • Right clicking the text box and selecting "Copy" from the context menu works, but it's not engrained in my muscle memory, and is extremely clumsy.

Is there anything I can do to make the system clipboard work like in other applications?

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I can't repeat these issues, I seem to be able to highlight/copy (with Ctrl-C) both the text in the buttons and the text box just fine (using Kubuntu 13.04 and Firefox 24). –  Ash Oct 8 '13 at 9:54

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